Students Building with Blocks

Brick by Brick, Mind by Mind.

Help Support Palm Beach County’s Students and Educators in Building the Future

Like bricks stacking upon bricks, knowledge is built. Students first learn their “ABCs” to begin to read, and then master reading to be able to write, research, reason and learn more.

Learning is construction – knowledge building upon knowledge – and our future depends upon it.

Today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow – the scientists, doctors, and engineers who will soon shape our society.  Their education is our investment in the future.

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The Future

The Education Foundation is expanding its capacity, helping to ensure that every public-school student and teacher in Palm Beach County will receive the resources they need to unlock their potential and strengthen their skills for a bright future.  

The new Education Foundation of Palm Beach County building will allow the Foundation to leverage a greater amount of future resources to benefit the programs and services it supports. It will establish a place of permanence and create a professional environment for the premier supporter of students, teachers, and schools throughout Palm Beach County. Join us as we deepen our roots within the community and open new doors for the children and teachers we serve.

Building Brilliance
Providing Support
Closing Gaps

These young minds may only be 25% of our population, but they are 100% of our future.

5th Largest School District in Florida
11th Largest School District in the US
185 Schools
12,500 Educators
180,000 Students