There are several ways to collaborate with the Education Foundation to serve the needs of the public schools throughout Palm Beach County. The Education Foundation offers various projects and initiatives throughout the year, providing you with the opportunity to make a difference in the schools where you live, work and play.

man wearing home depot shirt The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County encourages businesses and organizations to partner with us and the School District of Palm Beach County to beautify our local public-school campuses. The Education Foundation serves as the liaison between participating organizations and the School District by helping with the school selection and planning process to bring the project(s) to fruition.


If your organization is interested in bringing about a positive change in a local school, please contact the Education Foundation today at 561-738-2928 or

students working on school beautification   group of students

volunteers Our Red Apple Supplies program is dedicated to providing those who are in need of school supplies with the tools necessary to be successful in the classroom.
Backpack Building Events are designed to empower those who believe every child deserves the chance for success. We invite companies, groups of friends, families and individuals to build backpacks at Red Apple Supplies. Assembling backpacks is a tangible way to connect your contribution to giving back locally. A Backpack Building Event provides a hands-on way to connect with each other and the student recipients.

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red apple supply drive volunteer Individuals, businesses and organizations are welcome to host a school supply drive anytime throughout the year, as we are always happy to accept donations of new supplies to stock our shelves for the teachers who shop for FREE at our store.

With your help, we can ensure that teachers have the resources they need and that students can reach their full potential by giving them the tools they need to succeed in the classroom.

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