Champion of Education: The Breakers

The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County is honored to partner with The Breakers as a Champion of Education to support the next generation of leaders here in Palm Beach County.

Founded on the coast of Palm Beach in 1896, The Breakers is a family-owned business that has become a pillar of excellence in not only hospitality, but in customer experience and community engagement. When you read about this landmark’s story, you will discover their commitment to social impact. Paul Leone, Chief Executive Officer states that “as a modern organization employing more than 2,200 people, our sense of social responsibility extends to our team, our environment and our community. From employee wellness and sustainable practices to community enrichment and powerful partnerships, our commitments not only ensure our enduring success, but also contribute to a sense of greater good.

The Education Foundation’s signature program, Red Apple Supplies, routinely welcomes many dedicated Breakers volunteers to our FREE teacher resource store. According to The Breakers Social Impact Report for their fiscal year 2020, The Breakers had noted the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County as one of their Top 10 nonprofit organizations served through the company’s GIVES program.

During their time of service, Breakers employees/volunteers graciously organized donated school supplies and prepared the retail space for teacher shops and assisted teachers as they filled their carts with essential tools for their classrooms. Once the Foundation shifted operations as a result of COVID-19, volunteers efficiently prepared teachers' online orders for their contactless pickup. 

Atesh Chandra, Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer and Board of Director for the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, provides his expertise in strategic planning as the Foundation continuously adapts to the everchanging world. “The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County has a place of distinction among the many community organizations that The Breakers partners with. Our company and our people enthusiastically support the work of The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County not only because of its important mission, but also because of the common character of our organizations. Both our organizations are defined by continuously improving, creative problem solving, and a strong results orientation.

We are grateful for The Breakers and recognize the investment they are making in supporting  today's students and teachers and how that  impacts tomorrow's workforce.

If your company has similar outreach and community impact goals, consider becoming a Champion of Education. Click HERE, and let's begin the conversation.

Breakers volunteer at RAS    Breakers Leadership volunteer at Red Apple Supplies

Pre-COVID Volunteer Experiences


Pre-COVID Volunteer Experiences

Breakers Volunteer at RAS

Breakers volunteers

Breakers volunteer at teacher shop

Breakers Spa team volunteers at Red Apple Supplies