Teacher Appreciation Week: Ode to a Teacher

In halls of learning, where dreams take flight,
There stands a beacon, a guiding light.
A teacher, steadfast, in noble role,
A sculptor of minds, with heart and soul.

With patience vast and wisdom deep,
They sow the seeds for futures to reap.
In classrooms bright, their passion flows,
Igniting minds with knowledge’s glow.

With every lesson, they impart,
They shape the minds, they touch the heart.
With words of kindness, deeds of grace,
They leave an indelible trace.

Beyond the books, beyond the test,
They teach us how to be our best.
They mold not just the intellect,
But character, with due respect.

In every challenge, every strife,
They’re there to guide us through this life.
Their dedication knows no bounds,
In every student, hope is found.

So let us raise our voices high,
To teachers who reach for the sky.
For all they give, for all they do,
We offer thanks, sincere and true.

Thank you to ALL the School District of Palm Beach County teachers who support our students, our future community leaders!

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