New Home for Education Foundation: Construction Begins

It’s a signature….two little words and an initial.  Just a signature.  But OH, what it means to so many students and teachers in Palm Beach County.

On Thursday, August 31st…representatives from The EFPBC and Proctor Construction met at 1515 Barton Road….the site of what will soon become the magnificent new home of the Education Foundation,    to formally sign the contract.  Proctor Construction President and COO John Granath, and EFPBC Board Chair Lisa Park of Seacoast Bank, along with EFPBC President/CEO James Gavrilos, signed the nearly two-inch thick contract, bringing to conclusion a long journey for board and staff alike. In the planning stages for over two years, our campaign (Brick by Brick…Mind by Mind)  moves to the next phase. Now, with the contract fully signed and executed, Proctor Construction can begin demolition of the existing structures on the property…followed by construction of the new building.  Designed by EFPBC Board Member Jorge Fuentes (Song + Associates), the building will be a powerful statement of our impact in the community.

Thank you to Brian Seymour and Julia Holden Davis from Gunster, as well as Joe Gaudet from NV5 for their invaluable suggestions and guidance as we worked through the contract phase.  And words cannot adequately express our appreciation for EFPBC Board Member Michael Thomas of Weitz Construction for his countless hours of service, reviewing, editing, advising, and guiding our contract discussions.

Over two years in the making….and it ends with two little words and an initial…just a signature.  But OH, what that signature means. 

And now…the fun really begins!  Look for future updates on progress as we move into the construction phase.

If you are interested in supporting the campaign Brick by Brick…Mind by Mind…you are encouraged to reach out to James Gavrilos or Teresa West at the EFPBC.

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