Explore HVAC-R Academy at Royal Palm Community High

No matter the weather, heating and cooling systems keep homes, offices, and schools at the optimal temperature. Royal Palm Community High School students learn how HVACR technicians install, maintain, and repair these complex and increasingly high-tech systems in our Heating/Air Conditioning & Refrigeration program thanks to the generous support of the Carrier Foundation.  Since 2019 hundreds of students have explored a career field with an employment growth rate that’s three times the national average. 

On Friday, April 28th, Carrier, The School Superintendents Association (AASA), and The Palm Beach County Schools Department of Choice Program visited and toured Royal Palm Community High School’s Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy (HVAC-R).  The HVAC-R Academy is a four-year sequence of high school courses with the specialized training required for journeyman-level employment in the HVAC-R industry. The program prepares students for post-secondary success through hands-on training, credentialing programs, and apprenticeships.

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