Champion Spotlight: Song + Associates


For over three decades, Song + Associates has remained steadfast in their dedication to supporting education, recognizing that high-quality education is the foundation of a strong and thriving community. The firm holds volunteerism, corporate responsibility, and social responsibility as core values. It has been based in Palm Beach County for over 35 years, committing themselves to giving back to the communities where they live and work.

K-12 Education Design is a primary sector for Song + Associates, and their partnership with the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County allows them to actively participate in enhancing the education system while gaining unique insights into how their designs can benefit the county’s students. The foundation’s mission, programs, and positive impact on K-12 public education is what drew the firm to become involved, and one of their principals, Jorge Fuentes, joined the Foundation Board to strengthen the ties with the community further, using their resources and efforts to help shape a future that offers equal opportunities for both students and teachers alike.

Song + Associates is honored to have been entrusted with designing the new home for the Education Foundation. The new building will serve as a valuable tool for spreading the staff and volunteers’ work and community outreach efforts, offering an education innovation hub to help reach more students and teachers throughout the County. This will help grow the Foundation’s signature program, the Red Apple Supply Store, and support other programs and initiatives, providing a suitable space for ample storage of school supplies, providing continuing education to teachers, administration, and community events, amongst other uses.

As an advocate for investing in education and local students, Song + Associates encourages other businesses to support the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, knowing that this investment helps ensure a brighter future for the community. By doing so, businesses can make a real and lasting impact on the overall well-being of Palm Beach County, as education continues to be a critical aspect of building a vibrant and prosperous society.


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