A Night of Champions

The Night of Champions event, hosted at Red Apple Supplies, was where the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County’s Champions of Education network with esteemed School District of Palm Beach County leadership. A highlight of the evening was the poignant testimony of a teacher, eloquently articulating the transformative power of GoTeach! Classroom Grant in fostering financial literacy among students and parents.

Guests heard from EFPBC President & CEO, James Gavrilos, surrounding the myriad challenges facing families today, emphasizing the urgent need for educational initiatives to address these issues.

Proctor Construction provided an update on the progress of the Brick by Brick, Mind by Mind Capital Campaign, further underscoring the collective commitment to fortify educational endeavors and uplift communities Brick by Brick and Mind by Mind. As the night unfolded, it became evident that through collaboration and advocacy, Champions of Education are instrumental in shaping a brighter future as the Wanda and James M Moran Jr Foundation Inc. presented a $50,000 donation to help continue the exceptional work of the Education Foundation.

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