Teacher of the Year Finalists

The finalists for Teacher of the Year represent the very best in the field of education. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication, passion, and expertise in their teaching careers. Their innovative teaching methods have not only inspired their students but have also contributed to the overall improvement of the education system.

Each finalist has a unique story of how they’ve gone above and beyond to make a lasting impact on their students’ lives. They serve as role models for their colleagues, setting high standards for teaching excellence. The selection of Teacher of the Year finalists is a testament to the outstanding educators who continue to shape the minds of future generations. They are not only exceptional teachers but also advocates for positive change in the education sector, making them deserving candidates for this prestigious honor.

Let’s meet our finalists…

Teacher of the Year Finalist from the Central Region
Katie Judge, Palm Beach Central

Teacher of the Year Finalist from the Glades Region
Amanda Orsenigo, Glades Central Community High

Teacher of the Year Finalist from the North Region
Myrlande Luctama, John F. Kennedy Middle

Teacher of the Year Finalist from the South Region
Angela Brent-Harris, Sunrise Park Elementary

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