Congratulations, HCA Florida JFK Medical Staff Scholarship Recipients

High School Seniors
Atlantic Community High School

Hayle Wellington – Florida International University

Forest Hill Community High School
Kaylee Guerra – Florida Atlantic University, Physician’s Assistant

Inlet Grove Community High School
Briana Blanc – University of Florida, Registered Nurse

Lake Worth Community High School
Jeselia Espinoza – University of South Florida, Pediatrician

Palm Beach Gardens High School
Sharna Jean-Baptiste – Tallahassee Community College, Nurse Practitioner

Park Vista Community High School
Rocio Hernandez – University of Central Florida, Doctor of Dental Medicine; Ethan Santora – Florida State University, Doctor

West Boca Raton Community High School
Addison Hall – University of Florida, Adolescent Psychiatrist

Sophia Briggs – University of Tampa, Doctor; Lily Austin – Palm Beach State College, Registered Nurse

Ivanna Diaz – Florida Atlantic University, Pediatrician; Maedsa Doreus – University of Florida; Sabrina Jacques – Florida State University, Registered Nurse

The HCA Florida’s JFK Medical Staff Scholarship Program supports aspiring healthcare professionals among Palm Beach County’s high school graduates. Targeted at seniors and recent graduates from the county’s high school medical academies, this scholarship fuels their dreams of pursuing healthcare careers through post-secondary education.

Now in its third year, the program awarded a remarkable $15,000 in scholarships at a heartwarming ceremony hosted at HCA Florida’s JFK Hospital. The event was a grand celebration, brimming with nurses, doctors, medical staff, and leaders from HCA Florida JFK Hospitals, alongside representatives from the School District and the Education Foundation. The scholarship recipients, each celebrated and honored, were joined by their proud families, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

But this initiative is more than just a scholarship. It encompasses a holistic support system that includes mentoring, coaching, and guidance provided by the Education Foundation program team and the HCA Florida’s JFK Medical Staff, ensuring students are well-prepared for their journey in the healthcare field.

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