Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess! Read Across America Week

In a town not too far, on a day bright and clear,
Read Across America Day was finally here.
A day full of stories, of rhymes and of lore,
Where tales leap from pages, and imaginations soar.

Then in came the Champions of Education, with books in their hands,
From the Education Foundation, from faraway lands.
They came to the classrooms, with smiles wide and grand,
To share the magic of reading, with every child in the land.

“Oh, thank you, dear readers,” the children would say,
“For bringing these stories to life in such a wonderful way.
For Cat in the Hat, and the places we’ll go,
For Horton and Lorax, and stories that grow.”

With each word and each page, the room came alive,
With dragons and castles and bees in their hive.
The Champions of Education, with voices so bright,
Turned reading into a joy, a pure delight.

So here’s to the volunteers, in every school, every class,
For opening worlds, through the magical glass.
Your efforts and passion, they truly inspire,
Igniting in every heart, a reading desire.

Thank you, dear Champions of Education, for all that you do,
For making Read Across America a dream come true.
Your dedication to education, it truly shines through,
In every story told, in every heart you renew.

So let’s celebrate reading, not just today but always,
With Dr. Seuss leading us through his whimsical ways.
For through the power of reading, every child can explore,
A universe of possibilities, and so much more.

Thanks to our Champions of Education who volunteered to read in our schools.

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