2024 Distinguished Alumni & Leadership Award Honorees

Publix Supermarkets, a prominent player in the grocery industry, has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. Beyond its role as a grocery provider, Publix has carved out a significant presence in the communities it serves through various philanthropic efforts and initiatives. One of the cornerstones of its community engagement strategy is the Publix Super Markets Charities, which donates millions of dollars annually to support nonprofits that focus on youth, education, reducing hunger, and alleviating homelessness. Additionally, Publix has been involved in disaster relief efforts, providing essential supplies and financial support to communities affected by natural disasters. Their initiative, “Publix Serves Day,” mobilizes thousands of associates to participate in volunteer activities across their operating areas, embodying the company’s commitment to giving back. This culture of care and community support not only strengthens the bond between Publix and its customers but also sets a benchmark for corporate social responsibility in the retail sector.

Congratulations, Publix on being chosen as the 2024 Outstanding Business Partner.

Florida State Senator Bobby Powell, Jr. has made significant contributions to his community and the state of Florida through his roles in the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate. His journey from a city planner in West Palm Beach to a state senator has been marked by a commitment to public service and advocacy for policies that address the needs of both affluent and economically challenged communities.

Powell’s legislative priorities have included enhancing local government’s ability to regulate concealed weapons at specific events, extending the validity of state-funded health flex plans, and advocating for reforms to make it more challenging to prosecute juveniles as adults for criminal offenses. His support for raising the minimum wage is notable, as he, along with colleagues, attempted to live on a minimum wage budget for a week to highlight the importance of this issue​​​​.

As a senator, his advocacy extends beyond traditional legislative measures, emphasizing the importance of housing affordability, community engagement, and the integration of planning principles into policymaking to navigate the complexities of serving a district as diverse as the 30th in Florida. Powell’s background in urban planning has equipped him with a unique perspective on addressing issues related to the built environment, economic development, and social equity​​.

Powell’s commitment to public participation and his belief in the value of planners in political roles underscore his approach to governance. By leveraging his expertise in planning and his legislative platform, he aims to foster community engagement and develop policies that reflect the needs and aspirations of his constituents, ensuring that the voices of the diverse communities he represents are heard and acted upon in the legislative process.

Congratulations, Senator Powell, on being chosen as the 2024 Distinguished Alumni.

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