2024 Distinguished Alumni and Leadership Awards

The 2024 Distinguished Alumni and Leadership Awards, held on Thursday, March 14th, at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott, was a momentous occasion celebrating notable figures and organizations for their contributions and achievements. Among the honored were Senator Bobby Powell Jr. as the Distinguished Alumni and the esteemed supermarket chain Publix as the Business Partner of the Year, both recognized for their outstanding service and positive impact within the community. The event culminated with an insightful interview featuring Chris Nielsen, Founder & CEO of Levatas, conducted by members of the Palm Beach Lakes High School E-Sports Program. The discussion, focused on the future of business and AI, provided valuable insights and inspiration to attendees, highlighting the evolving landscape of technology and its implications for future generations. This blend of honoring tradition and looking forward to the digital future made the event a memorable and enriching experience for all involved.

In addition to the awards ceremony and interview, the evening featured desserts created by the Classroom Bakery at Willam T. Dwyer High School, favors created by Sips, Scents & Suds program at Seminole Ridge High School, and an AI video to open the program by the E-Sport Program at Palm Beach Lakes High School.

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