Winners Scholarship Recipients Enjoy the Palm Beach Opera!

The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County is very proud of this year’s Winners Scholars from the following elementary schools:  Jupiter, Egret Lake, CO Taylor/Kirklane and Greenacres!  Students from each of these schools have been awarded Winners Scholarships for when they enter college, as the first in their generation.  Yes, the time for college has not yet arrived, but this is the perfect time to plant the seeds of encouragement which will nurture the leadership and work ethic these students are already displaying.  In addition to the scholarship funding, these winning students are part of the Winners Scholars Club at their respective schools.  In this group, they learn skills to support their success and are exposed to cultural events, such as the opera!

The Palm Beach Opera hosts a Children’s Performance each year, and the  Winners Scholars were in attendance on February 29th for a 60-minute abridged version of Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” performed by Palm Beach Opera’s Benenson Young Artists and Apprentice Artists.  The students enjoyed the Education Stations set up by the Palm Beach Opera, where they experienced crafts, videos, etc. to engage their senses and prepare them for the opera.  For example, they made banjos out of paper plates and rubber bands (see photo) and one of these was selected to take the place of the actual guitar that is used in a scene!  The children also crafted mustaches  which were used to decorate a hairdressing cape that is used in another scene (see photo).

The opera was sung in Italian with subtitles projected above the stage, and the students could even see into the orchestra pit!  They enjoyed a backstage tour before the production began, and this made what they witnessed onstage just that much more memorable! These amazing students enjoyed an amazing day at the opera with their families.  Thank you to Hermine Drezner who founded and sponsors the Winners Scholarship and to the Palm Beach Opera for hosting this event!  


Winners Scholars Enjoy the Children's Performance at the Palm Beach Opera!