Winners Scholarship

Winners ScholarshipWinners Scholarship


The Winners Scholarship was founded by Hermine Drezner and her late husband, Jan Winkler, at Jupiter Elementary in 2002.  Since then, over 100 students at Jupiter Elementary have received this inspiring scholarship.  These students are ambassadors for what it means to work hard and be enthusiastic about learning!

On November 22, 2019 a new group of Jupiter Elementary students (grades 3-5) received Winners Scholarships.  The awards presentation was made even more special by the fact that the students did not know that they were being recognized as Winners Scholars - or that their families would be in attendance!

Each student was brought to the stage with an introduction about their leadership qualities and a bit of a guessing game as to who this amazing student might be!  Once onstage, the students were all smiles and (happy) tears as they were congratulated by their families and educational community.

In attendance were Winners Scholars who have moved on to secondary school and even college!  A brother and sister, Michael (age 16) and Allison (age 24) came to show their support and to express their continued gratitude for what this opportunity has meant to them. It was touching to see these previous scholarship recipients welcome the new recipients and to learn about how much this opportunity has positively impacted their lives. 

One of the students at the ceremony told Ms. Drezner that "Nobody has a heart like yours."   This sentiment  was echoed by many others, including the former principal from Jupiter Elementary when the scholarship was first founded, Ann Wark. 

The school's chorus resounded with the words:  "Listen to me, my voice is calling.  We are the future - help us believe, give us hope!"  The founders of the Winners Scholarship have certainly been listening - for over 18 years.

Ms. Drezner and her husband pioneered the Winners Scholarship to inspire students to plan for college.  They hoped that this would provide a roadmap for young students to begin their journey, with the undeniable knowledge that there were people who believed in them.  Updates from past Winners Scholars include messages from those who have gone on to college as well as successful careers in accounting, healthcare and robotics engineering.  The sky's the limit for these winning students as they continue their educational journey, with enthusiasm and support, as Winners Scholars!