Red Apple Supplies Expands Services with a New Truck

The Education Foundation is proud to announce a second vehicle has joined the fleet at Red Apple Supplies. An investment in public-education from The Honda Classic, Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, and the Batchelor Foundation contributed to the success in obtaining this 14’ box truck.

The School District of Palm Beach County is the 10th largest school district in the nation and with its vast territory, it had been compared to the state of Rhode Island in size.  Serving 176,000 students in 179 district-operated schools, this vehicle will have a profound impact: 

  1. Reach more teachers by delivering much needed supplies to their school, especially those who have a distance to drive to the Free teacher resource store.
  2. Create an incredible opportunity to manage larger donations from the community.

"We can more efficiently and increase the number of supplies to our teachers," said James Gavrilos, President & CEO.   The new box truck was immediately put to good use.  We recorded hundreds of miles with its first trip to the Glades region, carrying a sizable donation of nearly 10,000 scholastic books and pallets of hand sanitizer, thanks to our partnership with Kids in Need Foundation

Donations of time, talent & treasure from the community makes a world of difference to the teachers and the future leaders and workforce of our county. Together we are changing the world through education. 

Special Thanks to our partners at WPTV for sharing the story.  


Students share TY sign for donated books to their school

In the News: 

EFPBC with WPTV to tell the story of the new Box Truck for Red Apple Supplies

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