Jim Moore and UnitedHealthCare: A Whirlwind of Activity…the Steady Heartbeat of Commitment

Photo collage of Jim Moore


Attend any function or activity of the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County (EFPBC) (OR the School District of Palm Beach County, OR numerous other charities for that matter) and you are guaranteed to see one thing:  A quiet leader, usually in a bow tie, doing whatever is needed to help our teachers, students and schools.  Jim Moore, Education Foundation Board Member, Volunteer, and DJ Extraordinaire has set the standard for community involvement.

Carrying on the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) 24 years of support for the EFPBC, Jim Moore is now in his ninth year as a member of our Board of Directors, is a past Treasurer of the Board, and now heads up the HR/Compensation Committee.   His passion for community service and education comes from his heart and his home:  “My wife has been an elementary school educator for all the time that I’ve known her and seeing the work that she does with the most basic of materials was always amazing.  When I was given the opportunity to work with the Foundation, I wanted to create more situations where teachers had the resources to take the learning to the next level, especially in the more challenged neighborhoods and schools.” 

Jim is a “regular” when our Red Apple Supplies “hits the road” as we have done during the pandemic.  At all our Kits for Kids distributions, he could be found loading cars or breaking up empty cardboard boxes, whatever is needed to help get the job done.  And when the situation calls for music?  Well then, DJ Jim makes his appearance.  Over the last few years, Jim has become the “go to” DJ for School District Events, Office Depot’s Start Proud distributions, and of course, all our Foundation events.  Funny, engaging and up on all the latest tunes, NOONE can energize an auditorium of elementary school students like Jim Moore. 

But this man of heart is also a man of science.  Jim studied Aero Engineering at the University of Florida for four years and enjoyed internships at Martin Marietta, then completed his Business degree and was ready to make a difference wherever he could. Jim Moore and UnitedHealthCare have done the research that proves “Doing Good is Good for You.”  According to a 2017 UHC study, after volunteering, 75% of adults feel healthier, 93% had their mood improved, 79% reported lower stress, and 88% showed increased self-esteem.  Maybe THAT’S why Jim Moore is always so upbeat and positive:  “In every experience of volunteering with the EFPBC, no matter how long or hard the event was to accomplish, I have always felt so emotionally energized on my drive home, looking forward to the next event.”

Whether he is loading cars or moving pallets of school supplies, providing insight at a Board Meeting,  delivering GoTeach! Awards or spinning records at a local school, Jim Moore may be a constant whirlwind of activity…but he has…and IS the steady heartbeat of commitment to our community.