Board of Director: Ed Tierney, Semper Fi!


Ed Tierney & Superintendent Fennoy visit a classroom

“Semper Fi”.  It is short for Semper Fidelis (“Always Faithful”). Those two words are the motto of the United States Marine Corps. And those two words define the men and women who have earned the right to call themselves “Marines”.  Long after they no longer wear a uniform, they are “always faithful”... to the Corps... their nation, and their community. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi!   

Ed Tierney, Deputy Superintendent and Chief of Schools for the School District of Palm Beach County and Education Foundation of Palm Beach County board member is "always faithful" in his diligence to make a difference through education.  For 19 years, Ed has faithfully served our School District. Beginning at Indian Ridge School working exclusively with exceptional students, his passion, dedication, professionalism and yes... his faithfulness soon had him moving  up the administrative ladder. Following his time as a Behavior Intervention Associate to the Principal, Ed gained a great deal of experience working in Title 1 Schools. As he ascended each rung of the ladder, Ed brought his discipline, intellect, and work ethic with him. No surprise there... because prior to becoming an educator, Ed Tierney spent nine years in the United States Marine Corps. With multiple deployments behind him, Ed learned leadership under the most trying of circumstances. Both as a Marine and as an educator, Ed Tierney follows a simply code: Semper Fi! Be always faithful.

For four and a half years, Ed served as Principal at John I. Leonard High School.  Under Ed’s inspired leadership, the graduation rate at John I. Leonard increased by 22%. Additionally, the school made significant progress closing achievement gaps in the areas of graduation rate, GPAs and access and enrollment in advanced coursework.  From there, Ed was promoted to Instructional Superintendent, and eventually Chief of Staff of the School District, where he oversaw legislative affairs, communications and assisted the Superintendent with implementing his priorities.

Chief of Staff for the School District for the last three years, on July 1st, Ed Tierney assumed his new role as Deputy Superintendent and Chief of Schools, supporting Dr. Fennoy during this most trying of years.  We can all agree, Ed continues to espouse the esprit de corps of those two simple yet profound words: Semper Fi!

Appointed to our Board of Directors in 2019, Ed states: “I've been on the Education Foundation Board for two years. It has been amazing to witness first-hand the power of business, local government, nonprofits and public education when we work together. The Education Foundation has assembled such an incredible group of people to help lead the organization. I feel very privileged to be a part of such a talented group of selfless, generous individuals.”

Those words have a special meaning when they are spoken by someone who knows a thing or two about selfless and generous service. As a Marine, an Educator, an Administrator, a Principal and now exemplary leader in our nation’s tenth largest school district, Ed brings his humble yet powerful presence to his every task. The Education Foundation and the School District of Palm Beach County, and the students and teachers he served, are much the better for having him on our side. Semper Fi, Mr. Tierney. Semper Fi.

Ed Tierney speaks to teachersEd Tierney with Superintendent & Erica Whitfield  Ed Tierney and his LPBC Team